Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a few clowns in the news

Do you shake or tilt your head after hearing or reading a story about some dumb thing?

I just think a-few-clowns-short-of-a-circus example.

Here's a few stories that exemplify the meaning of  a-few-clowns-short-of-a-circus.

Lindsay Lohan slaps baby with lawsuit
(that's the way I would write the headline)

Is she being the baby in this or what?
The e-trade commercial which is really going to benefit from this used the phrase "that milkaholic Lindsay".  She claims it refers to her - oh cmon.  The baby is way way cuter than that Lindsay lawsuit Lohan.
Very dumb lawsuit that should be thrown out.  
Lindsay and her law team = a few clowns short

Next -
Puppet cleavage banned from advertising posters

First off - WTF - what's puppet cleavage?
I guess you know it when you see it.  Apparently, a conservative approach is taken in Colorado Springs.  Poster ads for "Avenue Q" off broadway show had too much fuzzy cleavage showing.
This has me wondering - would you use a hand puppet to grope puppet cleavage?
Also, Lindsay lawsuit Lohan could sue the puppet for cleavage resembling her.  

Next -
Laboratory in North Yorkshire invents meat crisps

(for the Brit slang challenged - crisps = chips)
Does the world need bags of meat crisps?
Maybe everyone will be munching their meat crisps while watching puppet cleavage dancing. If these meat crisps become anything like the WOW chip - watch out.  I don't know how to tie Lindsay into this one. IMHO Lindsay is about as useful as a meat crisp.


Charlie Callahan said...

A FEW clowns short? Add Lohan and Colo Springs together and I doubt that you'd get two clowns total.

Lohan needs about 8 or 10 more rehab stints before she realizes what planet she's on--I believe she suffers from Keith Richards Syndrome.

And Colorado Springs, home to Dr. Dobson and lots of evangelical organizations. It was Dr. Dobson who said SpongeBob and Patrick are gay because they held hands in one cartoon.

I can say, in all truthfulness, that I have never had the desire to fumble with Miss Piggy's bazookas.

lisleman said...

I'm so happy to have stirred something in you. great comment thanks

unknownmami said...

Honestly, it never would have occurred to me that milkaholic was referring to La Lohan. Someone is taking themselves a little too seriously. As far as puppet cleavage goes, I had no idea it was considered so titillating. Perhaps they were worried it would encourage local puppets to expose more cleavage. Slippery slope theory.

lisleman said...

oh beware of the puppets

dwmatty said...

The rich and famous have big egos, so it doesn't surprise me that Lohan would be bothered by this. What she doesn't realize is that in the court of public opinion, she is going to lose much more than her pride.

And I'm not sure if the people responsible for posting the ads with the cleavage were naive to think that no one would notice, or knew it and were hoping for the "reaction". Either way, it gets them what they want.....attention. A classic example of proof that everything will be offensive to someone.

greeneyedmomster said...

I work in retail. Nothing surprises me.


lisleman said...

I guess you have seen all kinds of customers?

lisleman said...

The definition of a diva might fit here. I have not seen this show but it's for adults and I think the puppet is just a caricature of some type of woman. I don't find Miss Piggy offensive.
thanks for the comment

dave hambidge said...

What is the item being offered in the last photo, deep fried pre-shaved rat?

Pseudo said...

I saw that story on Lohan. Waht a nut job. And the music from Avenue Q is one of my favorites.

lillyslife said...

Oh that commercial is the cutest ever. Very clever. As for Lindsay, what a narcissist she is or desperate for a dollar. We call crisps chips here as well. Or actually we might actually call them both. Crisps are more in the packets and chips are more the hot ones like fries. Interesting all the differences.

As for the cleavage, I know there are strange people who do funny things with stuffed animals but .....for goodness sakes!!

lisleman said...

I think the puppets are just a funny adult comedy type show and some people overreacted to the posters. Maybe another reader could comment on this?

lisleman said...

hey Pseudonymous thanks for dropping a comment here. Did you happen to see this "Avenue Q" show. I'm wondering how adult the material is.

lisleman said...

Maybe I should have used that one in a "where's the clown" post. I took the picture in Peru and have used it in some other posts.
Oh the answer to your question - the locals call it cuy but we would call it guinea pig.
here's the old post

dave hambidge said...

That is gross, puke, nasty, uugghhh. In britland they are kept as pets not dinner to go!

I will be away for the next 2 weeks or so doing hols, mayhave wifi second week. So KUTGW, best to all dave!

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