Tuesday, February 16, 2010

whatever wednesday

Imagine the reaction these nice ladies will have when they get a hold of the new Ipad??

I thought I might just post a few thoughts and figured 'whatever' sounded good for the title.  Then it occurred to me that it's almost Wednesday so I came up with the above post title.  Well I did a quick search and apparently I'm not the first genius to coin that phrase.  Oh well.  

Do you spend much time thinking of the post title?

Some of you might know that product names and company names can often cost 10's or 100's of thousands.  Seems sorta crazy.  A few posts ago I wrote about the product 'South Butt'.  I suspect that one didn't take a marketing team to create.  

A crack marketing team that must be a few clowns short of circus (IMHO) recently created the new amazing renaming of Comcast.  Did you heard it yet?  It's a shocker.  It's technical.  It's futuristic.  It's really dumb.

That new name is so great that I'll just accept the next price increase that comes along.

Yesterday, an item (#3) from my happy list happened.  I was happy about it too.  Thanks daughter dear for buying me a beer along with the nice lunch you also picked up.  Oh when she was a teenager, her favorite word was 'whatever'.

And one more thought -

I just left a comment over at Just Jill's blog - elemental my dear.  What she wrote just reminded me of story.  I wish I remembered stories better.  I was just with a good friend having coffee today.  He's better at remembering stories about me than I do myself (did that make sense?)
Anyway the story I remembered (before I forget):

A year or so ago, my little sister (she likes that reference since she's the youngest) and I were visiting our brother and wife at their place. One morning, I overheard this:
Little sis - "boy! my brother (me) sure takes long showers"
sis-in-law - "you know what they say about guys that take long showers"
Little sis - "No what??"
sis-in-law - "they smell really good"


eternallydistracted said...

That is the most fabulous picture ever!! Roll on the ipad ;0)

dave hambidge said...

The photo is such a brilliant example of culture clash...

OneStonedCrow said...

mmmm ... I wonder what those ladies were viewing that brought such smiles to their faces ...

... and the "South Butt" product - surely a crack marketing team came up with that one?

TechnoBabe said...

Don't take it to heart, you don't have to take long showers UNLESS you want to smell good. At least that's the way I read it. Smile.

mrsblogalot said...

Yes they do!!! Smell....good that is (-:

Thanks so much for coming by today! I'll definitely be picking the button up for my collection (-:

lisleman said...

oh I know it's my choice. But I do my best thinking in the shower. Such a relaxing place.

lisleman said...

great - thanks for adding my button to the collection and thanks for dropping a comment here.

oceangirl415 said...

Oh I so love that picture. Whoever caught that one was brilliant, or lucky. I would love to get to know those ladies.

And yes I do think a bit about post title but basically I will just use the first word that come to mind that describes the post.

And I also like the title whatever wednesday. I would love to join you on a Strange Saturday :)

oceangirl415 said...

And I do want to say the brilliance of brilliance of names is google. Can't beat that one.

lisleman said...

Strange Saturday - we all have had those before. I guess Strange Sunday would work too. So now you have given me another post idea - new descriptive adjectives for all 7 days of the week.
Here's one that just popped in my head - Moody Monday

secretagentwoman said...

I spend virtually no time thinking up post title - they just appear in my mind.

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