Friday, January 29, 2010

Mars in opposition

So it's not just the Republicans, even planets now.

Ok, I'm not going there (Mars or politics) but have you heard of or seen APOD?

It stands for A Personal Obsessive Devotee    Astronomy Picture Of the Day

The web site offers a gadget that you can put into a blog or your iGoogle page which I did.  The gadget shows you a new picture everyday.  Actually, I noticed a few days where a short video clip was offered instead.  Not only do you see beautiful wondrous pictures, you also learn some interesting facts about the universe.

Do you like pink?  If yes, you should plan a visit to Mars.  Here's part of the picture APOD offered about a week ago.  I found it so oddly attractive that I saved it as my desktop background screen.  The picture shows melting pinkish sand dunes covered with light frost.  Sounds like the universe dreamed up a dessert.

One more Mars news item -
Remember those two rovers up there?  They are still being used.  Originally their mission was planned for less than a year.  They have been there since 2004.  They are like energizer bunnies.

mars rover


Well now, Spirit has gotten stuck in a sand trap.  (send Tiger Woods he knows about getting stuck)  So now it's no more golf for Spirit but NASA plans to continue to collect data and perform science experiments while it sits stationary.

So what would it be like stuck in melting pinkish sand dunes covered with light frost?


Ocean Girl said...

Wow, the universe dreamed up a dessert. That is celestial lisleman.

Funny, my son just showed me a comic of the Spirit being stuck on Mars, I guess he finally realised he's never coming home.

My grandfather told me some places, like this melting pinkish sand dunes covered with light frost, are just nice to look at.

And about disqus, I'll definitely think about it. As of now, I am hooked with making slideshows:)

lisleman said...

a comic - I'll go look for that. Did you mean to say "grandfather took". If so, then you have seen pink sand? I've seen white, brown, and black sand but never pink.

greeneyedmomster said...

Great pictures! They are amazing!

Camp1974 said...

I imagine it's quiet and peaceful (so writes the mother housebound with two boys under 4).

Spirit looks like WALL-E, yes?

lisleman said...

since WALL-E came out in 2008 I assume they copied the look of the rovers.

Camp1974 said...

Makes sense.


lisleman said...

didn't want to do a post about this since I'm not really "into" giveaway stuff - but I sure don't mind getting giveaway stuff - so if you happen to read comments (you should they are good for you) there's a giveaway on one of my blogroll friend's blog. Right now I'm the ONLY one on the list.
here's the link

dyejobslye said...

The photo of mars is making me hungry for meringue.
I went to your friend's page, but I don't have a reason as good as your daughter's wedding so I didn't enter.
Thanks for your comment today. :)

secretagentwoman said...

It's beautiful, and still an inhospitable environment.

Ocean Girl said...

So this is a reply to a reply?:)

No, my grandfather told me that some places are just nice to look at, but not to be there. His example was the mountains. He said they were nice and peaceful to look at from far, but try live in their jungles, there'll be snakes and monsters!

lisleman said...

yes the system matches up the replies - oh OK I understand what you meant now.

lillyslife said...

Mars is gorgeous - who knew. I could live in a dreamy pink dessert like planet. Yum. You always come out with the most interesting stuff on your blog. I always learn something knew. Thank you!!

lisleman said...

I was very surprised this color, most of it is reds and browns. I also find it amazing that these rovers are still working. Thanks for stopping by

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