Sunday, October 15, 2023

Unanswered questions

Not all questions are as consequential as say, “what’s the meaning of life?”. I have sometimes pondered that serious question. The result was either an incomplete answer or a headache.

More often
a question forms as my mind drifts along while listening to songs.

Here’s a recent example:
Which woman was that witchy woman the Eagles sang about?

She probably made her appearance during the witching hour.

I just want an answer

I have more. (a reason to keep reading)

Why can't more public restrooms be little temples?

The public restrooms mentioned in the sign above were worth the visit. They were functional and stylish which is a much needed approach to improve public restrooms. 


Next question to ponder.

I remember listening to this song back in the 60's. Even though we had no idea what the words meant we listen over and over. It had a catchy tune and some whistling. It was number 1 on the charts for a few weeks.

Can songs in foreign languages still become hits in countries having very few listeners that understand that language today? Do remember this song?



I enjoy listening to the song “Save The Last Dance For Me” but the guy is either over-confident about his relationship or wants to test his girl’s willpower to temptation. Since I never impressed dance partners with a great show of my dancing ability, I knew my last dance would be compared to her other dancer partners that night. My question is why bring the competition of others to your relationship?

However that said, this clip of Bruce Springsteen dancing with his mom shows how the song can make sense. A very sweet video that’s worth watching.

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