Tuesday, January 10, 2023

sound memories

Just a short post about my recent memory of a sound.
With your mind's eye think about the following sounds.

not pleasant

common sound

shocking sound

Now that I have you thinking of sounds and the possible memories they evoke, I need to give you a little background for this post.

Years ago we decided to add a voice activated gadget to our kitchen. I posted about this gadget made by Google called Home Mini. (here's a link to the that post

I listen to music to relax or just travel to some imaginary place. If I'm cleaning some dishes (ok, it's not a task I'm at all eager to do) I often have our gadget play some music.

Also, one of our adult kids have given me access to their Spotify account. I enjoy Spotify (odd name for it IMHO).

Just one more background item. Days before Christmas, I heard the sound of water running coming from our basement. Unless the washing machine was being run this sound needed further investigating quickly. Also our washing machine is much quieter than what I heard.

Our hot water heater sprung a leak and we sprung into action after a bit of confusion. The end result was having a new water heater as a house Christmas present. BTW, Santa doesn't include installation.

My memory of rushing water disturbed me when I heard it in "so-called relaxation" music. There's a relaxation album on Spotify that is agitating to me.

I know people react differently to the same sound. Listening to rushing water might be relaxing, but not for me.

Oh here's a relaxing song IMHO.



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