Saturday, September 10, 2022

Rabbit holes, conspiracies, and various terms

I just climbed out of a rabbit hole.
Reality check - Unlike Alice I've never been in a rabbit hole but we have rabbits living under our deck.
Can rabbit holes have tangential holes?

Much bigger than our rabbits

I would go in order of the title but life often doesn't have order.
My older wonderful sister recently shared her exchange with another candidate off her online generated list. I don't care for the term "online dating". Yes it's online but the dating part doesn't match my definition of dating. I suggest calling it "online exposure to weird and infrequently normal people".
After a few long phone calls and a dinner she discovered this guy believes a 9/11 conspiracy theory about the twin towers. She told me he has been disqualified but I'm not sure if it was because of his conspiracy belief. Whatever the reasons he was eliminated.
This started me thinking of the weird world of conspiracies. It has become dangerous. Jan. 6, 2021 shows that to be true.
Spreading conspiracy theories can destroy support for the government and investigating done by various organizations such as the FBI. Questioning statements is good but just believing out-of-nowhere ideas because of your previous mistrust is bad.
I first conspiracy theory I recall was the JFK assassination and the next one was the moon landing. Were we just lucky not to have online social media sites back then? I think those theories only spread through tabloids at the check out counter.
I peeked into a rabbit hole when I read the term "anti-self-duality" in some article I was exploring the other day. I backed out of that rabbit hole when I read differential geometry and Riemannian oriented manifold. This is incomprehensible for me.

As a corollary we see that if the cross section of a tangent cone of a noncollapsed limit space of orientable Riemannian manifolds is smooth, then it is also orientable in the ordinary sense, which can be regarded as a new obstruction for a given manifold to be the cross section of a tangent cone.
I think a see a tangent cone in the rabbit hole below (lower right corner??):

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