Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Door nails (the door nailed it)

It seems odd that we use a door nail to judge some dead thing.

Sooner or later

Is that the same as any day now? Time will tell but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Of course that’s assuming the universe will provide a bridge over troubled waters.

There are a plethora of phrases used without much thought. Many of them are built around slang so perhaps a surplus of slang would be a better description.

younger and not yet afraid of this

The Lisleman Institute of Wordy Knowledge has recently contemplated the following phrases. These phrases can be found in the lyrics of various pop songs.

  • Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong (our political situation?)
  • She came in through the bathroom window (ok this one has a story behind it but I've often wondered)
  • Talkin ‘bout my generation (market research definition?)
  • Get back in the ring, put on your gloves and fight (I'd rather just take the long way back home)
  • This dog-eat-dog world (animal cruelty by dogs?)
  • 'cause you know, sometimes words have two meanings ( yes that's my problem with phrases)
  • That it can only be seen by the eyes of the blind (The blind have better imaginations. This is similar to a book being better than the movie)


Back to those dead door nails, I found a youtube video that gives a good explanation of its origin. Maybe, when one door nail dies another one is born?



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