Saturday, November 27, 2021


While searching for oxymoron examples I came across this: “Words can not express my limited vocabulary.”

Wet Creek would not be very distinctive

After our orderly confusion of Thanksgiving I’m noticing more oxymorons. I do enjoy the contrast offered by combining opposites. Do you enjoy a good paradox? Life is full of them. 
This morning I found a Mary Schmich post in my Facebook feed that starting me pondering the many opposites in my life. Here’s a line from that post: 
"All of the best times in my life have grown directly out of the worst times. What feels like manure often turns out to be fertilizer."
(Mary Schmich's FB page)
I find some songs illustrate the oxymoron idea. I found this new old song called “Perfidia”. It was written by Alberto Dominguez and covered by many. I believe the melody is uplifting and a little joyful. 
Perfidia is Spanish for perfidy meaning betrayal. In my mind that subject should have slow sad music. Take a listen to the English and Spanish versions: 



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