Sunday, October 10, 2021

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Just a minute or two and it will come to me. Problem is will I recognize the original it or will I just go with a new it. Whatever.

2021 minus 1971 equals ? Yeah simple arithmetic says it has been 50 years since my last con--... No! Not that Catholic stuff. It's been 50 years since I graduated from High School. My wife joined me at my 50th reunion events recently. I will confess that I really looked forward to the reunion. I had a fun time. I think she enjoyed it too.

Discussing our USAF time

I suspect the size of your graduating class is a big influence on reunions. Our class of 1971 had more than 400 graduates.

A key factor in the reunion is the planning committee. Our great committee has now planned 8 reunions (they started doing 5 year intervals with the 25th). The first one I went to was our 20th reunion. For me they get better as time goes on. I might have missed only one since the 20th. A
group page on FB was used for this one. Event planning is one of the better uses of FB.

Four events were scheduled over the weekend. My wife and I went to 3 of the events. A new idea for our 50th was a booklet with stories from our class. I was a slacker and failed on doing a write up. The interesting stories shared where both sad and happy memories but that's life. Another sad part was looking over a poster of classmates no longer with us. It made me appreciate being able to attend even more.
One event for the middle of Saturday was a tour of the downtown theater Rialto that opened in 1926. The place had a great restoration since I watched James Bond there. About 100 people attended the Saturday night dinner. Two of them got up and sang some tunes. I was pleasantly surprised. 


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