Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Phonics ain’t my thang

Diphthong - It’s NOT wearing your thong into a hot tub. It does sound a little like that though. 
What’s going on, you ask.

Recently I woke up with a rhyme in my head. The words flight and fright stayed tight in my brain. It started before the morning sunlight. It was my plight to get it right.

The rhyming words in this post all have the diphthong igh which uses the IPA symbol /ai/. I had a terrible time grasping phonics in grammar school. I still have problems pronouncing many words and my spelling sucks.

I churned up a few sentences with words rhyming with flight. Enjoy.

Does an earl or duke have oversight of the knight?

You need at least a slight bit of light to have some sight. Even in the dark you can discover insight which might be out-of-sight.

Their plight was living through a blight.

His insight was taking a trip to fight his fright of flight.

Tonight the delight of the night will be to sight a bright white light in flight.

In hindsight this post would be better with planning and foresight.

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