Saturday, June 15, 2019

Help I’ve been mulled over

(Notice - This blog is rated M for Mature. Subjects and opinions covering: aches, sore muscles, the world going to hell, my body going to hell, why hell doesn’t exist, fake facebook, our plumbing, the doctor’s office, ear hair, what was left out in the rain, why is it still raining and other things I fail to recall at the moment will randomly appear in postings. Ideas/topics may be disturbing or boring to certain readers.)

Recently I was questioned about my retirement. Being retired I’ve mulled (rolled?) over my answer and flatten it.

old man move

Retirement is very personal. Not like personal as in what happens in your bathroom but personal as in we are all different and find ourselves in different situations. Remember even when you are lost you are still in a situation.

When I first met the questioner-of-my-retirement we were engineering contractors on temporary projects. I had already lost a great permanent job. I mention this because I wanted to remind him that I didn’t plan my retirement. My retirement was more forced than planned. After my best job ever ended I began to question my motivation for staying in the same career. I had expected my best job ever, to last a few more years. (I also question why bathroom plumbing doesn’t last longer) After awhile I started to think more and more about retirement and less about finding any other job. I consider managing investments while starting to live on the withdrawals is at least a part-time job. My planning ahead during my career benefited me with some investments. I pointed out that one changes their thinking when depositing stops and withdrawing starts.

I see most jobs as creating routines. The good ones offer flexibility and a sense of purpose. Retirement offers the flexibility to not have a routine. The odd surprise for me was that a loose routine formed anyway. Routines might just be part of human nature. (fixing bathroom plumbing is not a routine)

Let’s get philosophical. Do these “time on your hands” and “time wasted" concepts really have any merit? Thinking and/or pondering the universe is better “use” of time than fixing bathroom plumbing (unless the water is ankle deep). If your mind/body is active observing the world, mediating, learning, listening to a song, soaking up the sun, playing a game, hiking a trail, or whatever else people often don’t call work, does that mean you are wasting time? I don’t think so. Go ahead “waste” some time mulling that over. (Have you ever read, "He was always quick to fix any plumbing problems" in an obituary?)

Here's mulling background music for you.

I say lighten up, keep wondering and learning. Blog on! 

Oh! This just in - I learned a new word and thought I would try using it here.

My career change to paleontologist sucks! All I've been finding is coprolite.

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