Friday, March 01, 2019

Your destination is not your destiny

Both words share the same Latin root dēstināre.

I don’t believe in the common concept of destiny. However, I recommend you set destinations during your trip through life. Unplanned exploratory trips can be beneficial too, just don’t get lost too often.


Destiny is a romantic concept. You know, that match made in heaven stuff. Well most don’t take that expression so literally.

Many people believe they were destined to meet one another. Where does this destiny stuff get recorded? In heaven’s name, the angels need to build a destiny app, if there is any hope for the latest generation to discover their destiny. (BTW searching around I found there is a “Am I A Psychic” app which I’ll never download)

Are we not all destined to better drivers than most of the drivers we encounter?

It’s a roll of the dice.

I’ve noticed that if you are going downhill those dice might just roll out of sight. So if you are over the hill try to find a flat spot to roll your dice. (While looking through wikipedia I came across the "Lazy Argument". Being lazy and argumentative myself I clicked over to read it.

Recalculating route

Since I try to include music in my post, I thought Destiny’s Child would be a natural fit for a post on destiny. Beyoncé may have been destined to be in Destiny’s Child since, Mathew Knowles, a record executive was her father. (this video has me wondering if their destiny was to be washed-up on an island)

One more thought - Destiny and free will are opposite sides of the argument so another musical choice could be songs.

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