Friday, October 12, 2018

oh my that's a big bear

No, not a bear rug but a big bear on a rug. The bear took up most of the room.

bear on rug

After a confusing descent involving staircases and elevators, we traveled deep into the lobby of a Grand Rapids MI hotel and were shocked by this sleeping giant. Upon close examination I suspect this bear was resting after a extensive pedicure.

We recently made a road trip to Grand Rapids to see Art Prize. Grand Rapids has presented 10 of these public art events. This was the third Art Prize I've had the fun of checking out.
I guess you could call it BIG art.

(interested? here's a link to the Art Prize web site

More hotel wildlife

He'll need a special size bed

city jungle attention grabber

Nice weather but she looks frozen

tough day at the park

this spot was buggy

rising recycling

One of the top prizes was awarded to "The String Project". I don't have any pictures of it. The project's many photos fill a website. To better explain I copied this from their about page:

"THE STRING PROJECT” began in January 2018 and features photographs from around the world. Their focus has been on creating a project that connects the viewer to the image in a more tangible way, bringing the photograph to life. In “THE STRING PROJECT” all of the people hold the same string, "a visible representation symbolizing an invisible connection."

Their website

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