Thursday, September 27, 2018


Some words have extra connotations. For example, doesn't "climbing" bring to mind going upward?

Climbing up a career ladder is a common expression. I climbed one until it was missing a few rungs. My fall was unexpected. Now I'm climbing down my retirement ladder.

Stairway to Parking

That above photo was taken about halfway on this stairway to parking. The place is Matthiessen State Park here in Illinois. My wife actually counted the step total, 112. I was too tired to count anything past two, two sore legs.

It's a nice park offering an interesting and beautiful hike. The hike includes more stairs to climb up or down. An even nicer park is nearby Starved Rock State Park. We had lunch over there.

The next photo was taken by a friend at a place where a group of us have gotten together for conversation and beer. One guy in the group owns a motorcycle but didn't drive to the place. I don't know the story of this girl's bike but suspect it might have been part of someone's joke.

We met up there again last night but probably will not meet there again. We wanted separate checks. Had an issue with that at a previous get-together there. One friend talked to the manager when he arrived and was reassured the separate check thing was not a problem. We mentioned it to the waitress from the start. We still had an issue. Also, adding to our dissatisfaction was the Wednesday special price not being reflected on the pasta dishes. I completely understand mistakes. I don't understand failing to correct the mistake.  

Hanging out with the wrong crowd

Thoughtful leftovers:

When we grow older time outs are not punishment but enjoyment.

Unsolved mysteries - the more I learn the less I know.

The sight of her first strands of grey hair was shock. She thought she'd dye.

Don't tell secrets in a cornfield, too many ears.

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