Tuesday, March 06, 2018

waiting for my oscar

Oh never mind, they don't award Oscars for just going to the movies. 😕

No award for fastest to finish off the extra large popcorn bucket. Like pie eating contests they should hold popcorn contests.

stumped on the stump

We watched the Oscars. I liked the hosting that Ellen did back in 2014 better. The playing of clips from "Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri" movie has piqued my interest in seeing that one. I really enjoyed "Fargo".

Please share your opinions about the awards show and/or any of the movies in the comment section.

✋Hold on, my train of thought will be jumping over to different set of rails now. I want to avoid causing confusion here. I realize reading my mind is not possible - yet.

I subscribed more than a year ago to an idea type site. I should just drop my email subscription now since my interest in their ideas has dropped. Any readers have a neglected set of email subscriptions like me?

I just opened up their recent email (probably get two a week). It provides a list of articles with links. One of them was:

If a nuclear bomb is dropped in your city, here’s what you need to do

Followed by:

A psychologist explains the best way to rewire the brain to let go of worrying

I found the ordering of these articles funny in a weird way. If the second one really works you don’t need to read the first one.

Over time I’ve found the site Quora a great place to discover new knowledge on many subjects. This is an email subscription I'll keep. Their accuracy in matching my interest is good but the following one left me puzzled as to why they passed it along to me.

Weapons: How far must you be from an exploding hand grenade to avoid injury?

I’m wondering if the author of that question is still around to read the answers.

Oh, I learned from watching the academy awards show that a remake(sequel?) of Mary Poppins will be released this year. Here's a parody of one of it's songs.

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