Thursday, March 08, 2018

Gluten free bananas and other breakfast thoughts

My bowl started gluten free, just bananas, then I added shredded wheat. Wheat is a prime source of gluten so I guess the bananas had limited benefit.

gluten free romance

That thought had me check out the history of gluten. It goes way way back to 8800 BCE (those dates look so precise as if someone had a FB live event back then, it was probably 8802) when humans started harvesting the grains in wild grasses in the fertile crescent. Oh no, another problem coming from the middle east. (Fake news headline - Terrorist push gluten on westerners)

Really this gluten free thing is a problem for a few people that has been hyped up by marketing. On a whim, (a gluten induced whim) I searched for “gluten free water”. I discovered a company advertising “gluten free water”. I didn’t check the price. Why bother, I’m never buying into this trendy scam.

The company BLK says this about their water:

blk. has zero calories, zero carbs, zero sugars, zero caffeine, and contains no dyes, flavorings or additives. We’re gluten-free, non-GMO, certified kosher, and organic.

Kosher and organic too! BLK is apparently short for black. Why black? The company adds, excuse me, enhances their water with with humic and fulvic acid. The water reacts with the result of a black color and higher price. No thanks, I like my water clear. Now I do enjoy dark beer.

Don’t know if this BLK water will sell much in Boston. Remember they have the river Charles. But I love that dirty water.

I’m a genius!
Well ok, but at least I am very stable.
Geniuses don’t think outside of the box. They make their own boxes.

Thinking of boxes? How about cylindrical talking gadgets for the home - you know those rounded boxes offered by Amazon called Alexa. This headline caught my eye after that gluten high subsided.

Amazon's Alexa randomly laughs at users and nobody knows why
A quote from the article
"[So] my mom & I are just sitting in the living room, neither of us said a word & our Alexa lit up and laughed for no reason. she didn't even say anything, just laughed. we unplugged her."

Wow, I didn’t know that one aunt of mine was Alexa. They sound different but she is known to randomly laugh. I don’t have an Alexa to unplug and I rarely see this one aunt, so I’m ok.

Oh regarding this gluten stuff - Good article at CNN - Basically, everybody with celiac disease needs to be on a gluten-free diet, others maybe not.

But my advice - stay away from that dirty water.

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