Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Born under a bad sign

Oh that’s ridiculous. Very unscientific nonsense.

great dogs and plenty of fries

However there are signs/things you don’t want to be born under. Such as:

Born under a _____

no parking sign
beer sign
no trespassing sign
Joe’s Hot Dog sign
Closed by Health Dept. sign
flashing blue lights
snow drift

Any additional suggestions please leave them in the comment section for reward points.

I’m hoping for a break from this winter cold and snow. We have good walking paths around us that are now buried under snow. I especially enjoy an afternoon walk on a clear day. It’s extra special if I catch the moon and the sun both out at the same time. One setting in the west. The other rising in the east. Certainly makes me feel like I'm in the middle of something big.

Excuse my sharing of the following part of the lyrics. As I was listening to the song, this part just kicked off political complaints in my head. It reminds me of our tweeter-in-chief.

I don't like to read,
I can hardly write,
My whole life has been
One big fight.

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