Thursday, December 22, 2016

be merry with joy

Do you know Joy? I suppose using an uppercase 'J' versus the lower case does indicate a person. But you don't say it any differently. So being merry with joy might bother Joy's boyfriend (or girlfriend or should I say significant other? I do think being respectful to others does need some thinking in choosing words but then take it too far and you get your jingle bells all twisted.) Enough parenthetical diversion, I like saying Merry Christmas but I'm NOT bothered at all if someone says Happy Holidays. In fact, I wish people would say Happy Holidays around my birthday since it would be creepy if everyone knew my birthday. I'm no celebrity and probably would make a lousy one if I were.

low on air

I'm full of gas

the elf found a few joys

We Three Kings Deck The Halls and Jingle Bells.

Wishing everyone a merry and joyful celebration. May all your bulbs burn brightly and your peppermint be plenty.

Merry Christmas

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