Thursday, December 15, 2016

Ah, ha, oh, no,

don't let the rain come down
My roof's got a hole in it and I might drown

House maintenance sucks. But if this were a movie, characters would break into song and all would be fixed by the end of the film. Oh the magic of Hollywood.

A hole in your roof is bad but a hole in your ship during a storm is a disaster. People did drown.

dirty money?

I changed the lyrics of this folk song a bit for this recent news story:

Ah, ha, oh, no, don't let the law come down
My memory got a hole in it, that gold can’t be found

Ex-treasure hunter, Tommy Thompson, was ordered to answer a question on the location of missing gold coins he recovered from the ocean floor back in the late 80’s. He now sits in an Ohio jail trying to remember where he put about 500 gold coins. I assume to help speed up his thinking process the judge also fined him $1000 per day (owes over $350,000 already).

His not so golden memory problem started when he lost a lawsuit by the investors in his operation to find and retrieve the gold from the 1857 sinking of the SS Central America off the coast of South Carolina. Seems paying back his investors slipped his memory too.

He successfully skipped town in 2012. US marshals finally tracked him and his girlfriend down in Florida (what is it about Florida that attracts criminals?) in the beginning of 2015. He claims he suffers from a rare form of chronic fatigue syndrome that has created problems with short-term memory. (related news story that I recovered from the depths of the internet)

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