Wednesday, August 17, 2016

not quite the same

I thought I would join the recent fun on Fakebook. Yeah, FB can actually be fun sometimes. I remain a member only to see family pictures and updates. Now if a family was organized enough they could do all that with emails and avoid the Fakebook ads and ridiculous shares.

Stop it. No one wants to read your rant about Fakebook.

Ok, where was I? Yeah, fun stuff. This week the extended family has posted a vast collection of off-to-school pictures of their smiling kids. I loved learning and wish my little relatives the best in gaining knowledge at school.

Then I thought. (warning I'm thinking again)

I don't recall any pictures of me or my siblings going off to school. Now there are Halloween, birthday and other event pictures. Those of you old enough to have used a rotary dial might remember that picture taking back then took much more effort than today (I started to add expense but smartphones and data plans might add up to more than film and developing). It required having film in the camera and then getting that film developed. Also, for your kids to enjoy later you would need to save the snapshots or slides somewhere they didn't thrown out or ruined.

While not quite the same as a going-off-to-school picture. I joined the fun with this going-off-the-porch picture.

don't worry she caught me


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