Friday, August 19, 2016

don’t try to understand

It’s a human trait to wonder why events happened. But who knows, maybe those squirrels on our deck are also wondering why, as they sit there looking so nervous.

Looks nervous

It’s interesting that we don’t spend as much effort wondering why, when the event is beneficial to our well-being. We enjoy our good fortune and maybe credit ourselves for those why’s.

But not so with those kick-in-the-groin events or when your plans go flittershitters. We immediately (after getting off the ground and catching our breath) need to blame someone or something.

I’m a big supporter of learning from your mistakes. So some reflection is useful. I don’t believe you need to always track down who or what to blame. Can there be such a thing as a no-fault tragedy?

Recently with the Olympics going on in Rio, I couldn’t help but listen to some Brazilian tunes. One of them offers an answer to the why.

Blame It On The Bossa Nova

But what about those bad outcomes lacking anything or person to pin our blame on? Those no-fault ones. You know, “shit happens” type of stuff. Guess what? I found a song for that too. I had never heard it before. I like the lyrics. 

shit happens, I didn't do it

fact is
shit it happens

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