Thursday, August 25, 2016

a glance over my shoulder

Ok, it wasn’t the best thing since sliced bread. It had a very slow start. Something about it hooked me. The “it” is this blog.

Things add up after a few years. You don’t notice when the increments are slow and small like inches on my waist (actually I’m trying to think of another word than waist because my waist is wasted). So I thought I would pause, review, and share a few historical bits of my blog history. Ok you, falling asleep over there. You are free to click out of here. I’m not trying to compare this to anything. People on youtube, twitter and other blogs get bigger numbers in a week than I have in years.

Just a quick glance over my shoulder.

take a glance you might spy a butterfly

Now at the end of my 10th BLOG year (what you don’t keep track of things in blog years?) I’m a bit amazed I’m still posting. Looking behind me, I don’t see many butterflies but I do notice a few followers. My posting frequency now is much lower than during the peak blog years around 2011 and 2012.

The first post was just a gif that a co-worker found. She had the nickname of DreamweaverDiva. The gif she found inspired the name of the blog. Back in 2006 our small (relative to others in the industry) group of 150 or so were planning big. Maybe too big? Events unfavorable to our big plans hit us hard. Our whole endeavor would be shut down. (much of this is covered in my “short background” page)

I came up with the idea of a blog for common support to help each other get through this lay-off. A few used it and many of that select group would meet for lunch. Before a year had passed I believe those few had stopped visiting the blog. I started exploring blogland and couldn’t decide if I was on the yellow brick road or chasing a rabbit down a hole. I probably should have just stopped and asked Alice.

Over the years I’ve enjoyed comments left by readers from Malaysia, Honduras, Canada, UK, Australia, Namibia, South Africa and California (really it should be it’s own country). The comments keep me going. Besides the important laugh or two, I’ve actually learned a few things while blogging. New words, new places and how common we can be with others in far away places.

On the topic of new words, I small note to myself. Too late (at least I think so) but now after I learned this new word, I want to grow up and become a tribologist because they are smooth and slick.

Oh and feed your blog.

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