Monday, April 04, 2016

loosely logical lessons

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you can lead a horse to a paint job

For many wonderful blogging years I was a regular in the Friday Fragments meme (I still rather call it a blog game - whatever). Possibly related to my illogical connections of my synapses, I did enjoy posting many fragmented thoughts.

Here’s an example of one: 

Do witches have special advance spell checkers?

So today (Monday here at Lisleman’s Headquarters) I offer you a few fresh fragments from the top of my head (much better from there than pulling them out of -- you know): 

An odd search result - A cool color picture I found when I searched for "synapse storm". (here's the Harvard link)

3D STORM image of mitochondria

What’s the sense of all this genome research? When is the last time you saw a gnome sick? Ever?

Since now you might be thinking of jeans, here’s a thought. Do you need good genes to wear nice tight jeans?

Life’s a mystery - I have my doubts. Sure life is mostly unpredictable but even the librarians don’t group the mysteries with the biographies.

Think outside the box - Well yeah if I was inside a box, I would be strongly motivated to do my thinking outside of it. Where is this box by the way?

Lastly, I once again need to say thanks to the internet and wonderful information it offers on a 7 by 24 basis. Without the internet I would have not figured out what the full lyrics of “You Should Be Dancing”. I should change it into a theme song for my blog, “You Should Be Blogging”.

I could never understand the following lines of the chorus:

“...What you doin' on your back aah
What you doin' on your back aah…”

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