Tuesday, March 29, 2016

daredevil wears prada

Was that the movie title? Something like that.

Welcome to another edition of Lisleman’s Meaningful Advice and Thoughts.

ladder risk

don't risk running out of TP

Actually the thought of doing this post came from a recent post over at The Art of Being Conflicted blog. That post covered the selfie trend that has lead to a few trendy selfie takers dying. (here’s the link if interested)

If you want to go beyond the selfie thrill you might think GoPro camera. I’m a bit amazed that GoPro has become the name for self action movies or as many would say viral videos.

“I think we are entering an age where lifestyle in technology is becoming very important.” (from Wired article about GoPro’s IPO)

Back when I was becoming of age (am I now becoming of aged?) lifestyle wasn’t a word I or anyone I knew used much at all. Of course, I didn’t have a very stylish life.

Here’s a thought/question - are there more daredevils taking risks today than in years past? I’m not sure.

There has always been people pushing the limit and their luck to reach a bigger thrill. I remember watching the famous Evil Knievel jump public fountains and canyons with his high powered cycles. If you visit Niagara Falls you’ll find the story of daredevils riding (and dying) in barrels over the falls.

There could be more people pushing their daredevil luck. It could be a trendy thing. One thing is sure, today their stunts are widely and quickly spread via the viral video. The viral video I’ve embedded in this post has over 13 million views.

I discovered this video from an article I read at the National Geographic site. (link) The daredevil, (nows makes a living riding bikes) Danny MacAskill is 30 years old. In the article Danny says: 
“...I trust all of my equipment because I’ve spent thousands of hours working on my bikes. You just make sure your shoelaces are tied…”

If Prada ever gets into the handlebar grips market, this guy would be a great for promos. Oh one more thought, - I consider women wearing some of these extreme high heeled shoes - daredevils a step away from a snapped ankle.

Lisleman’s great advice - don’t forget tying your shoes!

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