Wednesday, March 02, 2016

down under term

The Lisleman Institute for Better Posting brings you an Australian term you probably never heard.

I first thought of down under back when I was a teen. Not that I think of Australia very often but send me tickets and I’ll go. Back then I bought a bush hat and thought it was so cool that one side of the brim could be turned up. I was just checking wikipedia and the reason for this feature on the bush or slouch hat is to allow the rifle to be slung over the shoulder. I didn't know that. I don’t recall how I lost the hat but I’m sure it was NOT from being chased by a joey. The only joey I’ve ever seen was at the zoo. 

Australian Army ceremonial slouch hat.png

By Original uploader was Kommando at en.wikipedia - Transferred from en.wikipedia; transferred to Commons by User:Thryduulf using CommonsHelper., Public Domain,

If you search images for "down under joey pics" you'll get many pictures of cyclists holding a joey. At the race finish I assume. I don't know why. Maybe they race joeys.

But hold on - those above terms were not the new one I found. You probably knew about joeys since they are so cute - right?

The down under term for today is:

Hairy Panic

This year it is actually fast growing hairy panic. Now, over hearing a conversation about "hairy panic" would be great first off. I would suspect they were talking about, ear hair, nose hair, maybe wild eyebrows (I occasionally have all those issues). My guess would depend on the age and gender of the speakers. Planning a trip to the beach can bring on a hairy panic, I guess.

This hairy panic is a weed. Check out this person's front porch filled with hairy panic. My advice would be don't go out on the porch to have a smoke.

Do you think you could book a hairy panic tour?

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