Tuesday, February 02, 2016

blogger shares secret you won't believe what happened

Did you enjoy that curiosity generating, enticing title?

Just trying my hand at click bait. FB is certainly too filled with click bait. While online today an ad displayed itself on the page side border, offering a how-to get ripped for men. I think the company should add “off” after the word “ripped”. At least, that one was up front about what their were pushing. Much of the click bait just has catchy phrases and strange pictures.

old bot bait

Change of subject (do you as a reader enjoy warnings like this?)

Tonight expect this post to have scattered words and phrases with a slight chance of an interesting picture.

To anyone who would ask and then actually listen (so annoying to be asked a question and then the person doesn't have the time to listen) I've often said that a benefit of a blog is creating your own rules. Lisleman's rule for the day -  
When I find myself in times of trouble, redo an old post.
(this one is from 2012)

2 cards I love with an unknown white rabbit

Interesting ideas can come to you at the oddest times. If you are lucky someone might even consider them creative. 

So I’m cruising along the other day with my CD mix playing loud. A crazy idea crashes on my brain like a refreshing wave. An eye opening idea like a squirt gun shot in the face on a hot day (summer will be here before you know it). 

I could take the lyrics of two of my favorite songs that just played and make a conversation from the combination.  I need a conversation for that fun cartoon clip making system - xtranormal. 

The two songs I used are: 
Instant Karma - John Lennon 
White Rabbit - Grace Slick 

Take a listen.

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