Tuesday, December 01, 2015

coping mechanism

I’ve got to find a better coping mechanism
I’m falling apart, disintegrating in the schism

Have you heard the duet “Shovels and Rope” from Charleston, SC. yet? I don’t think I’ve mentioned them on this blog yet. According to wikipedia they are in the “folk” category. Well I’m no musicologist but their type of folk certainly isn’t that soft Peter, Paul and Mary type. I have a few of their songs in my iTunes list. I really like the lyrics of this one. Here’s a few lines:

...To be the victim of my personal delusion
Just to find that I’ve been living an illusion…

...I do my best to keep the confusion to a minimum
I’ll try not to be the monster of the millennium…

...Put your head down, wipe the spit out your eye
Ain’t nobody coming to your poor me parade...

Relate-able words? For your listening pleasure I’ve included their youtube clip.

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