Monday, October 05, 2015

hey you, get off of my

The Rolling Stones finished this thought with “my cloud”. In the advanced technological world many don’t know they live in, this takes on new meaning. Too many hackers have ripped right through others online clouds. So hackers get off of my cloud.

My old guy mind nags me with another common ending, “get off of my lawn.” I’m not going to yell that. I’m very proud to say I have never told anyone that. Not that I would want anyone camping on our little lawn, I don’t mind people or kids being on it. As a kid I recall having this yelled at me.

Here’s two possible ideas to end that phrase:

get off of my FB feed
get off of my lane

Remember, You Can't Always Get What You Want and if you stress over it you’ll have your 19th Nervous Breakdown. Don’t expect an Emotional Rescue, It's Only Rock N' Roll.


Relax and watch a clip Sheryl Crow back when she had short reddish hair. Hey you, get off of my style.

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