Saturday, September 05, 2015

take your time it’s about time

How’s that for pairing phrases?

This post about time could be timeless. Did that last sentence make sense? The problem is the word “timeless”. It doesn’t refer to things without time but just the opposite, lasting all time. Mindless of course refers to acting without being mindful of your actions. So why don’t we say “timeful”.

Time is strange concept. Before clocks became common people, unlike in today’s world, typically gave little time to worrying/thinking about time. Imagine just living your days based on the sun. No number-o-clock since there was no clock to be oh’d about. In the 13th century, scientists started using seconds. Today many electronic devices are specified in nanoseconds.

timeless equation

I’m sure my life is easier now than it would have been centuries ago. There’s many reasons people on average are living longer. You must admit there are many time critical medical procedures that didn't exist years ago.

Time to get back to main topic.

Time’s up


(did that make you pause) Not a good time? What’s a better time?

Does the toddler doing time in a time out save or waste time?

When I was a kid my grandma would watch “Days of Our Lives”. I was convinced it wasn’t my life. I didn’t have an hourglass with sands flowing through it. The only hourglass I remember was the one the wicked witch had in “Wizard of Oz”. I think she used it to time flying monkeys. Her time ended before the movie did.

We keep finding new times. Broadcasting and cellphones have given us air time. The Apple company has given us facetime but doesn’t that use up screen time? The internet services have downtime. I’m so glad I just had dinner time and playtime growing up. It might have been the best of times.

You can tell time but really only time will tell.

Back in an early time I posted about physics and spacetime.

So was this post timely?

This song has me wondering about Tulsa time - sounds good to me.

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