Monday, September 14, 2015

one less

The other day I figured how to adjust my smartphone notifications better.  One less bell to answer.

Then this minor kitchen accident (major if you were a hen I guess) happened:

Breaking News

Now I have one less egg to fry.

I cleaned up the mess and carried on.  Luckily there were plenty of eggs left in the fridge.

Of course those of you who are old enough to know ABBA, might be thinking right now, of a song written by Bert Backarack and Hal David, titled "One Less Bell to Answer".  (here's a youtube link to that song)

Yes I know that song conveys the feelings of a woman who has more difficult things than eggs in her diet to think about.  Apparently the man of her life left her but the song doesn't provide any hint for his reason to leave.  I hope it wasn't over her fried egg dish.  Also the answering bells, picking up after, and making breakfast required for this guy - she might be better off without him.

You know what an egg reminded me of? (my mind just drifted here - come on people keep up with your mind reading abilities)  No, not a confused egg frying woman.  The egg part of that song reminded me of this funny clip I had seen on youtube:

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