Thursday, March 26, 2015

Fragmentize Friday

Holy toast almighty, I’ve missed a Friday Fragment posting or two or three? My last Friday Fragment confession was .., oh never mind. If you really care go over to Mrs. 4444’s blog (keeper of FF posts) and figure it out.

Think about this trivia - The Puritans loaded more beer than water onto the Mayflower before they cast off for the New World (link). Probably the biggest reason alcoholic drinks were preferred over water back then was the lack of clean sanitary water. This of course is why it makes sense to bring an ample supply of beer on any fishing trip into the wilderness.

In ancient Babylon, the bride's father would supply his son-in-law with all the mead (fermented honey beverage) he could drink for a month after the wedding. Because their calendar was lunar or moon-based, this period of free mead was called the "honey month," or what we now call the "honeymoon."

While I was in Ireland I tried some mead at a medieval castle. It tasted awful.  Give me an ancient beer anytime.

a good stout

While Days of Our Lives pass As The World Turns, I wonder about The Young and The Restless. All My Children are grown adults now but occasionally they do seem to be restless. Of course, we only have One Life to Live so we must pay attention.

I’m developing my skill of wild speculation. Hair - I believe my hair has become racist. The white hair appears to be driving my dark brown hair out of the neighborhood.

Ok, sure this hair-brained idea is far fetched. If you need to go far to fetch something doesn’t that make the thing and fetching more valuable?

Well regardless, I do believe I’m becoming a curmudgeon (note - remember to practice the pronunciation - don’t want to be a dumb curmudgeon). I found this insightful guide to curmudgeonship. Also, don't you think that curmudgeons often present quite a sight?

It’s your thing.
Do what you want to do now.
It’s your comment.
Write what you want to write.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

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