Thursday, February 05, 2015

line up your fragments

Hey kids it's time for Friday Fragments.  If FF continues into the future (I hope it does Mrs. 4444 is now on number 339) it will need to become an app.  Every time I turn around I see a big app.  Big apps all around us these days.

BTW, did you know that Mrs. 4444's blog has an archive of the FF posts with links back to all of them?

Well your apps might be expanding but toilet paper is shrinking.  Who knew?  According to this article, a square was 4.5 by 4.5 inches.  I measured a sheet and found it's not square anymore.  Only 4 inches wide.  I thought I might write more about it but need more throne sitting contemplation for that.

This week, I used a term in a post that I don’t hear much anymore, ding-a-ling. I have no research knowledge but I suspect body part slang probably changes quicker than most. When did “junk” get its new body part meaning? Does this mean you could add an ‘s’ to drawer and get a completely different meaning for junk drawers? If someone emails a picture of their junk is that a new type of junk mail? I don’t even want to complete my next thought - junk food.  Let's move on.

In other random news - passersby join in to save the local beer delivery schedule from falling behind.

from Chicago Tribune

I was soldering another circuit for my gadget hobby. I really enjoy creating gadgets from scrap parts. But when you solder you must realize smoke gets in your eyes. Go ahead and ask me how I knew.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

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