Tuesday, February 03, 2015

bits, pieces, whatever, and a doll with a penis

Yes, I admit I could not figure out how to work "a doll with a penis" into my title.  Jump to the end of this post if you just want to know about that development.

Warning: The post you are about to read contains Lisleman’s distortions and speculations. The truth is out there, I just don’t know where.

a dog with a beer

Fresh from the Lisleman Institute for Better Posting,  I bring you bits and pieces of news with my expert opinion tacked on.  Our first alert comes from our sweet smelling reporter, Cina Bunn.

"So please tell us Cina, what startling news did you uncover in your digging through the recent blizzard."
(ok you could pretend I just cut to Cina reporting in from a coffee shop with snow piled up on the windows but lets get real I don't even have the budget to pay for her coffee.)

Cina reports a surprise result coming from the recent blizzard that snowed-in much of the eastern US.  We now have a new relationship status (you'll know it's real when FB adds it to their list) called "blizzard buddy".

I can't imagine a guy being successful by offering himself as a blizzard buddy.  I guess any hope of a lasting relationship is thrown to the curb when the snowplows clear the roads.

I just don't see any appeal in this.  Hmm, I have a threatening blizzard headed my way and power outages are likely - I think I'll go over to this stranger's place I found on the internet and enjoy the storm there.  Oh yeah, that's a great plan.

same dog with a book

I repeat myself too often. Once again I remind the reader that I do not own a smartphone but I have scrolled through one once. The next story concerns a new app which lacks good judgement in my opinion. Once again quick app development and potential to make money probably outweighed common sense judgement.

A new app called KeyMe allows the user to take a selfie of a key.  The key image is stored up on the cloud (gee corporate servers are so secure these days - not).  Then anytime you might need a key (oh for example you lost one or need to break into an apartment of blizzard buddy) you stop at a special key making kiosks and get a new one.  You can also order one over the internet.

The company's CEO says, "So it is a super convenient way to get spare keys." I've learned that convenience and security don't go together well.  No thanks, we have neighbors who have copies of our key.

Oh yeah, the last part of my post title.  Today I learned there is a boy doll on the market that come complete with his ding-a-ling.  (just a minute I need to get my background music of "My Ding-a-ling" playing, ok)  As I have learned many things before, I learned this while blog browsing.  Unknown Mami posted a funny story about this new boy doll that was a gift for her daughter.

Now I don't see any problem with this anatomically correct doll except for the location of a few noticeable screws (see Unknown Mami's post for pictures).  I just don't see any big benefit in having dolls like this. Dolls and other toys should encourage imagination, story telling and fun play. They don't need to be training devices for future med students.

same dog with a sweater

For those that might be wondering, the dog is named Mazi and belongs to our daughter.  These pictures were taken when she was younger and the baby hadn't arrived on the scene yet.

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