Tuesday, February 24, 2015

holy toast almighty

I’ve not been out-of-pocket for a long long time.

It could be that after so many years the phrase “out-of-pocket” is no longer used.

Since the Oscars (do you say that or the Academy Awards?) are still loosely fresh in my mind, I thought What Would Lady Gaga Do (WWLGD). Who the hell knows, but she does have a beautiful voice and the sound of music will never be the same. The hills are alive with Lady Gaga.

Sorry I got a bit distracted with images of dancing around Austria. Oh yeah, out-of-pocket. It was (let me know if you have used it) corporate lingo for being out of the office on a business trip. Today I don’t have much of anything in my pocket.

It was an out-of-pocket event that first brought me to Europe. During my years of traveling on company expense I even got a short weekend in Vienna once (2003). Here’s picture taken at some Vienna museum/palace type place.

she had nice hair but could use a pedicure

Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow til you can fill out your expense report. Oh it was mostly fun mixed in with boring meetings and some long work hours.

Thanks for reading this. I’ve wanted to use that picture for awhile but just couldn’t figure how to fit it into a post. Thanks Lady Gaga.

As I post this, I wonder if this youtube clip will stay up long. Don’t mention this to any copyright lawyers OK.

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