Thursday, February 26, 2015

flashing fragments

Fragments flash like sun rays filtered by the spinning windmill of memory.

Fooled you? Thought I might compose some articulation of my mental images? Nah.

It’s time for Friday Fragments. The renown fragment flasher, Mrs. 4444 offers her blog as a collection site of your fragments.

I often find great words blowin' in the blogs, so check out the other contributors at her site.

fancy flashing pants

I remember when flashing involved a strange-sense-of-humor guy being chased at a sporting event and not menopausal women.

Do you enjoy funny birthday cards? I do. Compared to the more sentimental ones, I prefer funny. Often funny doesn’t even need words. A funny or inside-joke picture can generate a laugh.

from the cover a recent B-day card

As I was writing this post my Lisleman Llama alert went off (note - develop loose llama alert app). Llamas on the loose in Arizona!! I recall the big news story a year or so ago about their law that allowed Arizona law enforcement to ask anyone for documentation. Do you think these two llamas had their documents in order? They certainly are avoiding arrest. Nothing like a good llama chase and lassoing llamas.

What do you think? Criminal llamas?

UPDATE: Both llamas have been brought into custody.

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