Thursday, January 22, 2015

does a friday fragment you

At the end of most any week you will find me posting fragments for Mrs. 4444 blog's collection of Friday Fragments. I did it again.

very honest student

I forget where I saw the above picture of a science fair poster. It gave me a good laugh and I downloaded it.  I think I found it on FB.  The chart should show the vertical and horizontal scales but I suspect the shape of the curve is correct.  The yelling and crying would go up exponentially as the due date nears.

I often remember odd things about bloggers I follow.  Does anyone recall that Lisleman was a science fair judge two plus years ago?  Here's that post.

when the men on the chessboard

My caller ID shows I got a call from “FINAL NOTICE”. I’ve found that final notices are not very often final. I would not be surprised if “FINAL NOTICE” calls again. If they do call, I might answer and give them my name as C. F. Eyecare.

get up and tell you where to go

To all my smart app friends I feel bad that your neck is strained from looking at your app so much. texting pain in neck report

and you just had some kind of mushroom

I enjoy grilled mushrooms on steak or a good burger.
Did my post get your mind is moving? Ooooh, go ask Alice I think she will know.

Oh don’t go chasing rabbits. Consider this your FINAL NOTICE.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

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