Wednesday, December 24, 2014

oh holy parody

There's nothing very holy about a parody but you might recall I do enjoy them.  Another word related enjoyment of mine is the column Mary Schmich writes for the Chicago Tribune.

decorated trees aglow in Lisle

Her newspaper column today featured parodies of classic Christmas tunes.  The parodies had a Chicago theme but most any big city could be applied to this one:

"Yellow Lights"
("Silver Bells")

City crossroads, busy crossroads
Snarling daytime and night
In the streets there's a feeling
Of panic
Horns are beeping, drivers weeping,
"I can't beat that dang light!"
And at each intersection you fear:

Yellow lights! Yellow lights!
It's ticket time in the city
Rip us off! Every day!
But that's the Chi-ca-go Way

illumination in Lisle

Reading her column inspired me to take a shot at a parody.  I just have the beginning so far.

"I'll Gain Weight for Christmas"
("I'll Be Home for Christmas")

I'll Gain Weight for Christmas
We don't count calories
Eating sugary sweets and nutty treats
and looking bigger than trees

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