Thursday, December 18, 2014

jingle fragments

Do you have enough fragments to jingle?  (side note, she-who-knows-better-than-me hates hearing coins jingle in my pockets.  Does that bother anyone else?)  If you do, then head over to Mrs. 4444's blog and drop them into her bucket.  I think she'll be standing next to the red fragment bucket jingling a bell.

from the 80's

We Three Kings Deck The Halls and Jingle Bells.
Those Christmas songs and many others can be found on youtube. My last post includes the links to those and many many others.

Seems every year the gifts become more electronic and gadget like.  I don't think one shocking gadget made it out for this season but they did raise money for it to be developed.  The shocking gadget, Pavlok, offers real electric shocks.  One review stated the shocks were over 200 volts.  I just can't imagine paying for a gadget that shocks me.  I could offer a service to call you up and yell at you.  Pay travel expenses and I'd come over and kick you in the ass.

I caught part of Prairie Home Companion on our drive over to visit my brother. They did a few short Christmas song parodies. I found the parody part of the show on youtube.   At about the 2:12 mark of the following clip you’ll hear this parody:

What child is this
who runs around
on Christmas morning yelling
who kicks the floor
and slams the door
is greedy, and loud and bad smelling
This this is my own child
too much sugar has made him wild
I’m sick and tired of yule
I wish they were back in school

Just hear those fragments jingling, ring ting tingling too .... giddy up giddy up let's comment

Half-Past Kissin' Time

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