Thursday, November 06, 2014

plethora of fragments

Welcome to the House of Lisle. Watch your virtual step, be careful clicking across the digital floor. I’m a blogger and it’s been many months since I used the word plethora.

Did you visit Mrs. 4444’s blog today?  She offers a fragment feast every Friday.

Did you have a good Halloween?

flippin Frappuccino - 
What Few-Clowns-Short-of-Circus group created the retail term activewear? Does that imply you are more active than just breathing when you wear activewear products?  Really, are we not all active while sprawled on the couch ordering activewear from a smartphone?  Can you find “relaxed-fit” items in the activewear store?  I’m always focused on perfecting my laziness so I would more inclined to visit the inactivewear store. (also, shouldn't it be activeware?)

Don’t worry be happy, I’m not complaining, just puzzled.

wearing earthwear

Hmm, I just forgot the fragment I had in mind.  Be on the look-out for a loose fragment.  It could be funny.

Think back to the dawn of digital cameras. The first cameras had low pixel resolution (pixel count) compared to the ones found in smartphones today. It didn't take long before we had a pixel competition between the manufacturers. Competition is good and it provided us better inexpensive cameras. However, there is a downside to this pixel race. The picture files became huge memory suckers.

I noticed this recently when uploading pictures. (a geek moment?) Our past pictures whose files were under 1 megabyte(MB) still look great. Now I was seeing 2 and 3 MB picture files. Yeah, if you are still reading, you might be saying, "I don't give a pixel about bytes." Well maybe you should.

If most of your pictures will be shown online or shared on a smartphone and not printed (I have not printed out pictures in over a year) then you don't need 2 plus MB pictures. According to this chart, 1 MB (1280x960 pixels) produces a very good 5x7 print. Think about those multiple MB's of wasted pixels being stored in your near full memory and using up your wireless data plan. The gadget industry is happy to sell storage and transport for all those unnecessary pixels.

I readjusted the resolution setting on our camera and lowered my picture file size (a pixel diet plan?).

Oh thinking of pictures, check out my trip to pre-school the other day.

Half-Past Kissin' Time

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