Thursday, November 13, 2014

dream a little fragment on a friday

Fragments from the far side flow freely onto the blog today.

Enjoy more fragment postings over at Mrs. 4444's blog.  Her blog comes to us from the far side of the north woods.

Big space science event from the far side this week. The European Space Agency’s 10 year project flew a washing machine four billion miles through our solar system to land on a rubber duck. After landing it was reported that a large amount of bouncing occurred. Balancing the load in your top loading washer is an important step to avoid a bouncing machine.

Well ok, it was a space probe landing on a comet. The far side of a comet is definitely far out there. The space probe/lander has been compared to a washing machine and the comet is shaped like a rubber duck. How interesting that there are rubber duck shaped comets.

The science and engineering involved in a 10 year comet chase is amazing. Who knows, it might pay off in the future if we need to deflect one headed for earth.

Sure looks like a comet to me

Are there talents you wish you had? A dream of mine is playing an instrument (the musical type, not like a caliper instrument). When I tried really hard and practiced I was able to get most of twinkle twinkle little star out of our old piano. After a month of not playing it, I completely forgot the key sequence. Oh those multiple keys for songs with cords - forget it. How do the brains of those people can play a tune after just listening to it work?

Sock it to me, sock it to me. Wow that’s an old phrase. I enjoyed that crazy TV show. What’s not to like about a show with “laugh” in its title? I thought heaven was missing an angel when I watched Goldie Hawn dance and goof around on that show.

there was good show about beavers on PBS this week

(another billion fragment) When Warren Buffett (you know that ultra-rich guy) goes out to buy some batteries, he really buys big. He bought the whole store/company. His company will trade $4.7 billion in stock for all that comes under that Duracell copper top. I wonder what the energizer bunny thinks of this.

Sweet dreams til sunbeams find you.
Sweet dreams that leave all worries far behind you.
But in your dreams whatever they be
write a little comment for me.

From the far side of my thoughts, I made a connection between the Philae probe lingering on a comet and a hit song by The Mamas & The Papas.  Stars fading but am I still lingering on?   Enjoy:

Half-Past Kissin' Time

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