Monday, October 27, 2014

tell me this happens to you too

I'm out cruising the blogs.  Running down a link or two.  A post reminds me of a similar story I posted years ago.  Now I am inspired (I've lost that inspired feeling long ago) to find my old post and share the link with the blogger.  The search box I placed on my sidebar is less useful than a sidekick with no money or humor.

Fortunately, my labels/tags offer some help.  But which label should I scroll through?  I guess one with no luck.  The next one works after a few pages of posts.

Browsing over those older posts leaves me more annoyed.  Broken links, missing pictures, empty youtube clips, - wow it's starting to look like the man-cave corner of the basement.


This digital exercise leaves me wondering about those other social diseases sites such as the one where you get your face booked.

Given all those profound short status updates, how will anyone ever be able to quickly find that great status update written a year or was it two ago?

Twitter must be even worst.  Would anyone want to read a three year old tweet?

Oh, if you're curious and you must be if you are a blogger right?  Here's the post that reminded of this post. 

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