Monday, September 29, 2014

throw a few words my way

I never knew where this blog would go when I started it. The in-the-beginning story is up there on the "short background" page.  Honestly, I'm not actually sure where we are now with it.

The group effort of comments feeding back into postings works well.  Most of you know this very well since you are also bloggers.

It's a fun hobby. I've even learned a new word or two.

I heard a joke on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me last Saturday.  You might have heard about the recent White House fence jumpers in the news.  Also this year there was a toddler who climbed through the fence.  Now this is serious stuff and certainly potentially deadly in the terrorist world we live in today.  However, here at A Few Clowns Short, we try to lighten up.

So it turns out that getting onto the White House property just requires the right distraction. You throw a few pieces of meat over for the dogs.  Throw a few Colombian prostitutes over for the Secret Service agents.  Now, you are clear to go.

You don't need to jump over a fence to join in here.  Go ahead throw a few words over to distract me.


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