Monday, September 22, 2014

some respect for the drummer

I wanted to join a rock-n-roll band when I was a teen. Turns out that musical talent wasn't in the gene pool I swam in.  Back then, I tried playing an electric bass guitar I bought. I would have been better off spending the money on albums or concert tickets. I enjoy the fantasy for awhile.

I've heard band members joke about drummers. Good drummers are very talented. Today a simple drum beat can be produced by an electronic drum machine. Drummers might not get the respect they deserve.

Do you recognize former Beatle Ringo in the picture below? I was a Beatle fan and I will admit I probably would rate Ringo below the other three Beatles. Hey he was just a drummer - right?

While browsing youtube the following clip was shown as an ad. Probably 90% of the time I click the "skip the ad" but not this time. I found the clip interesting and it is a good cause - peace. Afterwards I looked up the background on the video. Here's a story about it from the LA times.

Ringo Starr celebrates his 74th birthday with his wife Barbara Bach in front of the Capitol Records Building. (Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times)

I hope the peace sign makes a comeback!

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