Sunday, September 21, 2014

in case you missed it

In other news ... (that is a common favorite phrase here at the Lisleman Institute for Better Posting)

I take the news seriously. It’s life in general that I’m slightly flippant about. I still read a tree sacrificed newspaper and listen to audio only radio programs. I never follow hashtagged news. I like breakfast hash and black coffee.

Here’s 3 stories for you to ponder.

Voting is still open for America’s Best Restroom sponsored by Cintas. Did you know these fine people have been selecting fine restrooms since 2002?

Sometimes the best restroom is the one that is the closest.

I have actually been in (and used) the 2009 winner, Shoji Tabuchi Theatre’s restroom in Branson MO. Very nice.

Good restrooms have mirrors but not this type.
Panasonic has developed a smart mirror. Remember the wicked Queen who consulted her mirror mirror on the wall? She blew it by not getting the patent on hers. This Panasonic mirror gives you suggestions for your makeup and skin improvements. I think this is targeted toward women.  (no pics but check out the link for more)

Lastly some UK news that has nothing to do with Scotland.

While you are looking in the mirror consider this:
British women (survey of 1,000 women) would choose a man with love handles over a one with six pack abs. (I always knew six packs and firm abs didn’t go together) This is great news that I’m going to celebrate with a nice beer.  Love handles win!

Really who is the jolliest guy around?


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