Monday, March 17, 2014

you can get lost on youtube

Believe me, I seldom tell people to get lost. However, if you have the time then go get lost on youtube. Come back here and tell me how it was.

Mine eyes have seen the youtube.

old white rocker

Confused? Of course you are. After all you are reading Lisleman’s blog. Stick around I’ll try my best to leave you that way.

Historians will look back (they better because history is in that direction) and view youtube as a social turning point for mankind. One small clip by a kid, one giant viral video on youtube. Really any site that allows me to share my garbage clips with the world is a fine place.

I stumbled on this clip of Arlo Guthrie singing "Amazing Grace" with Pete Seeger (RIP).  The fun part of this clip was not song but the stories Arlo tells.  I plan to retell his rabbit story.  ENJOY


Joanne said...

I think by actual count Arlo told more stories than sang songs.

lisleman said...

you are probably right but he could tell a good story.

Secret Agent Woman said...

I can generally spend about ten minutes on YouTube before I lose patience.

lisleman said...

OH then this clip here is 3 minutes too long. There are so many different types/subjects on youtube I thank giving up after 10 minutes must mean the search function is not working very well. I consider their search function and suggested clips much less than perfect. However, I like the variety of content.
BTW did you happen to listen to this one? The first story he tells is about religion and I think you will enjoy it.

Bearman Cartoons said...

haha I read the image as old white cracker

lisleman said...

Some might call me a cracker. thanks

Scarlet Blue said...

I used to spend time up the annuls of Youtube looking at clips gone by... but it doesn't hold my attention like it used to. I don't know why not... perhaps my interest fell when they changed the format... I am fickle like that.

lisleman said...

Everything on the internet changes and quickly too. Not sure but I think it was over the past year that they started allowing very long clips (hour plus). You can now find whole albums up there. I found youtube very helpful in finding how-to videos. You could do a how-to be fickle one.

Cheryl P. said...

I totally get the concept of getting lost on youtube. So many videos and not nearly enough time to visit them. Arlo is quite an entertaining story teller. That was fun to listen to.

lisleman said...

I wish I could tell the story as well as him. I'm going to try to repeat the rabbit story and perfect my telling of it. thanks for sharing what you thought of it.

agnes said...

that rocker looks so comfortable :-)

lisleman said...

The rocker was in an airport and it was more comfortable than the seats at the gate. You know if you rock in a rocker it is ok but if you rock in just a plain seat, then people look at you funny.
thanks rock on

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