Thursday, March 06, 2014

Fragment Recovery Agent reporting

Being a James Bond movie fan I was very pleased that Nita photoshopped an FRA badge for me and dropped it in last week’s Friday Fragment comment section. In the spy series, 007’s boss was ‘M’ (recently played by Judi Dench). Following the idea of using numbers for agents and letters for the administration, I suggest Mrs. 4444 could go with ‘B’ or ‘F’ (maybe ‘Q’ for quad fours). Obviously, if she takes a number we know what it would be. I would be glad to be agent 007.

I doubt my FRA assignment comes with a fast car but maybe a fast web app should be developed for all agents. You don’t need to assigned an agent to join in the fun of the fragment post. Be sure to visit Mrs. 4444’s collection.

Have any of you been following this BitCoin story? Hopefully, none of you owned any BitCoins since you probably lost money. The BitCoin idea deserves more than a fragment so I might post about it. I find the whole concept simultaneously interesting and strange. How a currency could be created without being based on anything and without regulation baffles me. BitCoin trouble has hit the business news like a Miley twerk session.

sweetbread vs. sweet bread - who knew? Not me.
She-who-knows was reading the food/lifestyle/section-I-skip section of the newspaper this morning and started a discussion of sweetbread. I became somewhat discombobulate (doesn’t take much) by her talk of sweetbread. For more decades than I care to count, I had blissfully lived not knowing the definition of sweetbread. Not that I ever thought about it much. If I had been offered before today, some sweetbread my tongue would have expected a sweet tasting bread like Hawaiian King bread. Biting into the thymus or the pancreas of a calf or lamb would be a big shock to my brain.

not sweet bread

sign of times - smartphone domination - idiots on internet? This past week brought us not only twitter and selfies as starring roles at the Oscars show but at Mardi Gras we had millennials shouting, 
“show us your tweets!”


Mardi Gras reminds me of a post I spotted this week. Fellow Friday Fragment poster, Madame Gumbeaux of Honduras Gumbo posted the background of a favorite song of mine. Iko Iko

Another Lisleman comment -
I live in the burbs, the land of superstores and yet we have a neighbor who still gets milk/dairy delivered to her house. Also slightly different but it seems related, is the internet grocery delivery services. Maybe the milkman is coming back on a smartphone app??

Having no concept of time, at times can be useful. That does and doesn't make sense at the same time. Thanks for spending a bit of time here.


Joanne said...

I had a boss, once, whose email handle was FAN007, FAN being his initials. Always made me smile.

lisleman said...

Funny. When I was a kid I started to believe those double ohs really meant you had the license to kill, be provided a sports car, date sexy women, and say Bond, James Bond.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Gold was the first currency created without any regulation, so it can happen. People were willing to buy bitcoins with their dollars and some merchants were willing to accept it as payment for goods to avoid credit card charges. Throw in a few speculators and you've got a currency whose value will increase until the bubble pops.

Judy said...

Not into bitcoins, not much of a cash user these days. I remember when milk, bread and eggs were delivered to the house.

lisleman said...

The bitcoins are not coins. It's a digital type currency that I think needs more work before it is dependable enough to use. I have faint memory of an outside container that milk bottles would appear in. I think the internet is bringing this back at least for city dwellers.

lisleman said...

The bubble popped more than once and a couple of the exchanges went under taking the customers money with them. Yes gold is speculative too but at least you can test it for being real. Maybe Americans are spoiled by our slow if any fluctuating dollar.

jodaley said...

We still had a milkman when we lived in the UK. Can I be Agent 99? Not Bond, but I like it. Enjoy your weekend!

lisleman said...

Oh I remember agent 99. I thought she was really cute. Have a good weekend. thanks

Frau said...

Back when my daughter was young and I worked full time i had bread milk eggs and such was all the rage back than. Have a wonderful weekend!

Secret Agent Woman said...

I remember learning as a kid what sweetbreads were, Ugh.

lisleman said...

Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend.

lisleman said...

Somehow this information missed me. Maybe I'm lucky that I didn't need to know what sweetbreads were because nobody I knew ate them. thanks

Nita said...

The whole BitCoin idea baffled me as well. For some odd reason this made me think of people using clams for money which reminded me of the B.C. cartoons. Okay, so my mind goes in weird directions….lol
As for the milk man I don't really miss him but I sure do miss the Helm's bakery truck! Nothing better than a fresh hot doughnut right at your front door in the morning.

lisleman said...

Clams or just the shells? I think it was just the shells. Humans have traded all types of things. I guess the con men go way back into history. I still haven written that post on Bitcoin. It is such an ongoing story. Thanks for letting me know that you know about it.
I never heard of Helm's bakery - sounds good.

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