Thursday, March 13, 2014

caution falling fragments

Chicken Little didn’t warn anyone of falling fragments. Around here and at a number of other blogs, fragments fall on Fridays. Now Mrs. 4444 does not actually catch the fragments (Chicken Little, the folk story about mass hysteria, never caught a piece of sky either). She does collect the links to these fragments at her blog.

(warning worst segue ever) Thinking of chicken reminds of KFC and the Colonel (he had a great hair style). You might not know that he was never a military Colonel (oh and Cap’n Crunch was not a Captain). He belonged to the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels. A Kentucky Colonel is appointed by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. This group of Kentucky Colonels actually do more than drink mint juleps at the derby. It’s charitable group. In my quick research I was surprised to find Whoopi Goldberg and Wayne Newton among the famous Kentucky Colonels.

The KFC pictured below is located at the site of Colonel Sanders' original restaurant in Corbin KY. I have stopped and eaten there on my travels through Kentucky. It's not much of a museum but if you like KFC, it's more interesting than most KFC's.

picture from Wikipedia page about the Colonel

Pass the hot sauce and let’s move on. I have a question for you.
Do you think a proclivity of an slightly odd behavior could be a genetic trait?
Check out the following three pictures. The first two (from 2012) shows yours truly modeling as I have been known to often do, next to a fake animal. The last picture of my 2+ granddaughter was taken just this week. She asked her mom to take a picture of her next to the “hippo”. She’s good with animal identification and noises but sorta blew the id of that one.  I found it strange that we share this fondness for large fake animals.

taken by my sister in Oklahoma

same place different animal

Buffalo girl (oh did you notice the snow?)

Recent comment by Lisleman:
runway model or runaway model - never know these days with so much autocorrect.

funny pic (by chief_huddleston)

This past week Mrs. 4444 offered tips in a post  on how to avoid internet picture stealing.  While checking out one of her search tips I found the above picture (see I included attribution).  This winter my yard is overflowing with unassembled snowmen.

(please note Lisleman did NOT receive any extra crispy chicken tenders for this or any other posts. However, I will gladly accept KFC gift cards.)


jodaley said...

Plenty of unassembled snowmen here too. I could probably create an army of them! When I read the buffalo caption I sang it. You meant for us to do that, right? And, I'm sure the whole fake animal photo thing is in the DNA : )

Secret Agent Woman said...

I used to date someone in Corbin.

lisleman said...

I wasn't thinking of the song but I guess that were Buffalo girl comes from. Hey if I can get readers singing, I doing good.
I notice a number things with her that could be DNA. thanks

lisleman said...

Oh and then he took you to this KFC and you dumped him? thanks

Judy said...

If taking pictures beside large animals is genetic then I have your genes too! Of course I will take pictures of me beside statues as well

lisleman said...

People must like them or restaurants would not buy them for displays. I've never done a selfie with one. Yes I have posed next to a statue or two. Lots of the genes out there.

Secret Agent Woman said...

Uh no. He took me for sushi once and cooked a few times at his house. We broke up for other reasons.

lisleman said...

Hopefully you knew I was joking.

Secret Agent Woman said...

No worries - I did. :)

Tami said...

I worked at a local KFC restaurant as a teenager. In early 20s I worked in their philly headquarters as a human resource assistant. That is when they were still owned by Pepsi. At one time I had a small amount in stock. I ended up selling it to fix a major home repair that wasn't covered by homeowners insurance.

lisleman said...

Pepsi stock probably worked out well. Most often the company chips in part of the cost of the stock for employees. Typically it's a good deal but there is always a little risk. I'm a big believer in the stock market. Do you still like KFC?

Tami said...

My husband and I met at KFC. We worked together. He had a crush on me and I didn't give him the time of day. Poor guy. It was about four years later we began dating.

I can't stand the smell of KFC chicken. My husband and boys love the food. I don't eat meat, but I still eat the biscuits, coleslaw and mash potatoes.

longhollow said...

I love the unassembled snowman sign!! And your granddaughter is adorable!

Mrs4444 said...

At first glance, I read that as the "Horrible Order of Kentucky Colonels." haha

I noticed and appreciated the attribution ;) It's a great photo, and I'm sure Mr. Huddleston appreciates the mention :)

Our snowman stock is going bad today (thank goodness); lots of dirty snow out there after this melty week. Trees got tapped today; that's a great sign, too, that spring is on its way!

Loved this week's intro, btw. Thanks for linking up!

lisleman said...

I do try to come up with a new intro every week. It is starting to get harder and I do appreciate comments on it. You have commented before about it. The idea goes back to when I first started FF and I was puzzled by the 4444 which of course I understand now. I don't know if you remember but I start off with number questions or trivia.
I learned Colonel Sanders was a Kentucky Colonel from my visit to that Corbin place but I didn't come across this Order thing until I wrote this post. Apparently, they do good charitable things and drink mint juleps. We still have lingering snow but you can see most of the grass now.

Cheryl P. said...

That's interesting that Whoopi Goldberg is a Kentucky Colonel. She is, also part of a display at the Homestead Museum in Nebraska. Her grandparents participated in the Homestead Act.

That unassembled snow man sign is very funny. The snow isn't all the funny but the sign is. We woke up to more snow this morning but it won't last as the temps are going above freezing today.

As for your pictures of your family's tendancy to take pictures next to big fake animals. Very cute. Your little granddaughter is adorable.

lisleman said...

I didn't know that about her grandparents. When I first heard of this order of Kentucky Colonels I wondered about blacks and women. If you read their history a woman was involved from the very beginning. Thanks, our granddaughter provides plenty of smiles and laughs.

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