Monday, February 10, 2014

great night for boomer music lovers

Maybe I’m amazed at the way, the Beatles songs are still so entertaining after more than 50+ years.  Of course there are many other great composers/songwriters whose art keeps going strong for long times.  50+ years - these songs are staying around.

in 2007 I posted about the 40 year ago release of this album

In my 2007 Sgt. Peppers album post I wrote:
Wow - forty years - remember vinyl? turntables that weren't just used for rap sound effects? How about playing albums backwards and listening for secret messages about Paul being dead? underground FM stations you could only pick-up late at night?
Some of that stuff - you reflect on it and find some of the teenage stuff today is different but maybe not much weirder.

If you hadn't noticed last Sunday, Feb. 9, was the 50th anniversary of the Beatles appearance on the Ed Sullivan show.  CBS ran a great tribute to honor the event.  I remember watching that black & white performance 50 years ago, sitting on our family living room floor.  Not only was it black & white but the sound was not nearly as good as this anniversary show.

Also, during the commercial breaks of the tribute I discovered PBS was showing Beatles performance too.  I flipped back and forth a few times.

Our daughter texted me in the afternoon to remind me to watch.  She is a fan too.  It's so cool that their music has crossed generations.  Dave Grohl (Foo Fighter founder) summed up their multi-generational appeal at the start of his performance of "Hey Bulldog" (a favorite of mine).

We are experiencing technical difficulty

Only those who browsed by here in the first few hours my post was up were able to watch the clip of Dave Grohl performing "Hey Bulldog".  Unfortunately it was been removed/deleted/become part of a lawsuit?

I looked around for another more "official" copy of it but no luck.  I did find this behind the scenes story uploaded by CBS (don't expect any legal issues with them).  It's a interesting little story.  Also, thanks to Gorilla Bananas for adding a "Hey Bulldog" clip in his comment below.

So nice that McCarthy and Starr are still performing and widows of Lennon and Harrison attended.  Some of these memories must be hard for them.  George's son, Dhani Harrison helped perform his father’s song “Something”.  

I enjoy good covers.  Singers age and their voices change.  Maroon 5 did a great cover of the early Beatles songs.  Here's a clip.

The only change in the line-up for cover performances would be to drop Katy Perry.  I've enjoyed a few of her songs but her cover just didn't sound right to me.

Maybe I’m amazed at the wonderful world around me. Maybe I’m amazed at the comments I get from readers. Maybe I’m amazed at the simple things that amaze me. What makes you amazed?


Joanne said...

The older we get the more we remember, and that amazes me.

lisleman said...

Thats great! I'm not sure it has worked for me as well. I have memories/stories but my older brother just seems to have more. Maybe he is just faking it.

Gorilla Bananas said...

This film by Howard Goodall explains why the Beatles were so good. And here's the fab four recording Hey Bulldog.

Gorilla Bananas said...

Whoops, my links didn't work! Try again!

lisleman said...

Your links worked I've notice that it takes a little time for them to show up in the comment. Sorry about the first clip in my post. It was taken down already. That's the problem with clips on the internet you never know when they will be taken down.
Thanks for sharing these clips.

Cheryl P. said...

It doesn't take much to amaze me so the list would be a long one. I didn't see the Beatles special. We have had our grandkids here for the week and things have been hectic. Perhaps I can track down the tape of it "ON DEMAND..although CBS is often quite selfish about releasing things.

I love that so many of the Beatles songs have withstood the test of time. I was 12 when they appeared on Ed Sullivan and am still a big fan of their music.

lisleman said...

You're such an honest person giving up your age. Grandkids are hectic. My wife copes with the chaos better than me. One at time is the better way for me. CBS created a site for the special and I noticed a number of short clips they uploaded to youtube. They probably are holding out for a DVD release that can be sold to boomer insomniacs on late night cable.

Lilly said...

Oh how I wished I had seen this. :( i love the Beatles especially John Lennon. They had simple songs with catchy lyrics. That was part of the appeal. As tiny kids my mother took us to watch the Beatle movies and my three siblings and I got to pretend were were the Beatles. My sister was Paul (as oldest she got first pic), the next sister was George, I was John and my brother Ringo. To this day they are still our favourite Beatle. Great memories even though I was too young to go to concerts or anything. Great post. When I was 20 and living in London I won a prize to go to Abbey Rd Studio. Amazing experience that I will always have. Did not meet a Beatle but did meet others who worked with them.

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