Monday, January 06, 2014

polar vortex - good to have a name

Certainly an inside day today. I'm thankful I was able to stay inside all day. Mother nature was not very motherly today. I think our high was -4 or -5 degrees Fahrenheit. But hey at least we have a new weather related name to use now, polar vortex.

Vortex is a scary sci-fi sounded word don't you think? Actually this extreme weather condition is a disturbed polar vortex. It could have be worst. What if it was a bi-polar vortex? Or maybe a vortex that went off its meds.

Here's an informative graph on polar vortexes.

A quick search on winter Gods turned up a Norse Goddess named Skadi (SkaĆ°i). Other than Valhalla which I learned about from Led Zeppelin, I don't know anything about Norse mythology (check out the "Immigrant Song" for my Valhalla reference). This Skadi chick Goddess was into skiing and bow hunting.  I found this modern depiction of her by BleedingHeartworks on deviantart.

found at this link

She looks cold and dangerous.  I would advise her to cover up in layers if a polar vortex was headed her way.  What do you think? 


Cheryl P. said...

If there is a Norse goddess that is responsible for your high being a negative number, I think she is a bitchess. I think she deserves a little frost bite on her goddess parts. We have made it all the way up to 1 degree today here in KC... Woo-hoo

lisleman said...

Congrats on making it over zero! A bitchess? I guess that would be high brow, highfalutin bitch. If she had dress like that drawing here today, her girls would be frosted. Colder than a witch's -
oh never mind.

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

LOL! On this post and the comments. My husband was just telling me about the vortex last night. Interesting. We're currently at -15 and Feels Like of -36 in the Twin Cities, MN. I still want to say Wind Chill rather than Feels Like. Northern MN had feels like temps of over 50 below! If that goddess chick was in northern MN, I wonder if she'd wear those layers you recommended, Bill?

Joanne said...

Only six below here in NE Ohio this morning. I believe these young women are kept warm by the imaginations of their authors. And readers and lookers upon.

lisleman said...

she would be frozen if she didn't wear many layers. I thought living in northern IL during winter was bad until I learned about MN. I think a place that requires engine heaters for you car is just too cold for me. stay warm thanks

lisleman said...

Hey good idea - I'll warm up with some imagination exercises. thanks

longhollow said...

Your blog is so educational! I haven't heard of the polar vortex. I would think a goddess of winter would be dressed warmer, for sure!

lisleman said...

I find most blogs educational. If anything you often learn about other parts of the world, news, opinions, etc. Practical dressing doesn't go well with fantasy drawings. thanks

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