Friday, January 17, 2014

did you see the fragment section

I couldn't find the fragment section of the paper this morning. I blame she-who-knows for misplacing it. Oh well, I still have blogs to read. If you are interested in reading fragments of posts/thoughts click over to Mrs. 4444's blog where fragments are mixed and linked.

this guy could light up a street corner
(I found this picture over at the National Geographic blog called "Found".)

Last night, we enjoyed one of our Christmas presents, Premium tickets to the taping of the Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me radio show. I discovered in the past a few blog followers who also listen to the show. We had mentioned our gift to neighbors who replied, “people still listen to radio shows?”. They are missing out in my opinion.

When the show is not on the road, it is taped in the auditorium of Chase Bank in downtown Chicago. Years ago we went to a taping. Back then the tickets were easier to get. Now the shows are sold out well in advance.

Since you pay the same for 2 hrs or 6 hrs at some of the parking garages we went early and looked around the cultural center (took in some Tiffany glass culture).  Later had pizza at a favorite place.  Somehow, I scored a free beer at the pizza place (bartender poured an extra one?).

It was a great show with Doris Kearns Goodwin, who wrote the historical Lincoln book, (among others) as the guest player. Being at the taping we got to hear parts of her interview which are edited out for the radio show. In her twenties, she had worked in the LBJ White House. I learned (some knew this apparently) that LBJ would carry on conversations while doing his business on the toilet. She was witness to such a conversation. I can only imagine.

Local gun nut news - recent headline read, “Cops stop man from shooting at icicles”. Did the polar vortex overcome this 80 yr. old man? Police arrived to find him shooting at icicles on his home (suburbs not far from me) with a 22 caliber revolver. I wonder if he put any holes in his house.

I have enjoyed shooting guns at targets and even some hunting (long ago). I don’t own one but have used ones my brother owns. Also, had a little bit of shooting practice in the USAF.  So, I’m not anti-gun but I’m anti-gun-nut. Don’t know how we do it, but there should be a way to keep guns away from certain people.

Thin mints do not make you thin. (just saying)

Last fragment to leave you with - in my previous post I suggested that shoe polish would an item that disappears from our daily life, as did, buggy whips for example. My question is, when is the last time you bought shoe polish?

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Carrie Bullock said...

My Hubby is a huge fan of Wait Wait. He will go to live tapings of whatever is in town that is associated with Public Broadcasting. The last one we attended was RadioLab. Something about Dinosaurs and Endings. Not my ideal date but a date nontheless. :)

lisleman said...

thanks for sharing a comment
I wonder if bloggers (US based ones) tend to be NPR listeners. I've listened to radiolab before but not regularly. "All Things Considered" is another favorite radio show. Radio shows entertain you while still allowing you to do other tasks.

Judy said...

Good question. I don't think I have bought shoe polish in years. Your radio show sounds like it was fun. I also haven't been to taping of a show in years.

lisleman said...

Thanks for taking the survey. It was fun seeing the radio show being created.

jodaley said...

I like All Things Considered. My husband loves to shine shoes, and he has a box of polish, still buys it. Our local supermarket actually carries shoe polish. We have a 'cobbler' in town too, he's very 'senior' and I feel like shoe repair is becoming a lost art. We still have heels repaired, etc., but it feels like something people don't bother with so much. They'd rather buy new.

missliz said...

We listen to NPR on Sundays when driving home from St. Louis to Chicago! I love "Wait Wait!" What a great idea for a gift! I always enjoy your Fragments! Have a great weekend!

lisleman said...

Radio shows without all the commercials do make the miles go by better. Thanks and have a great weekend too.

lisleman said...

I agree. The cobbler careers have about vanished. I wonder how many teenagers even know what a cobbler is. You and your husband might end up supporting the shoe repair and shine industry yourselves. thanks

Cheryl P. said...

I hadn't heard of "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" but it is a given that I am clueless on so many sounds interesting, though.

What did the authorities do about the old guy shooting icicles? Sounds like maybe he needs to move to somewhere warm where there are less chances for ice. You know you have been in Chicago too long when you hate winter that much.

The "thin mints" line...hilarious!

I buy shoe polish fairly regularly but it lasts quite awhile. I wear loafers with jeans that I polish and my husbands Florsheims or whatever his work shoes are these days get polished regularly. He is a product of his old army days.

Bijoux said...

My husband still buys shoe polish and shines his shoes. He has wide feet and had trouble finding shoes that fit, so he tries to make them last.

I think I saw a news article about people shooting icicles a year ago. Not normal.

lisleman said...

Yeah I don't think icicle shooting will be in the winter Olympics. Of course most guys are not "into" shoes as much as women so that might explain men making them last especially when they are comfortable shoes. I still have some shoe polish but since I seldom use it, I'll have it for years. thanks

lisleman said...

You can find "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" on the web at
You can download a podcast of it or find out when it plays on your local station. Since you often write about odd news I think this news related show will be of interest to you.

I don't think the ice shooter was charged. Maybe he promised to put his gun away. He could move to the tropics and shoot coconuts.

Thanks for answering my silly shoe polish question. I guess it will be around but probably in a down trend. Didn't the Florsheim company go out of business?

Cheryl P. said...

I will check out the link for Wait Wait Don't Tell Me.
As for Florsheim, if they went out of business, someone picked them up. Wayne buys Florsheim, Kenoor Plain Toe Oxford at Macy's.

lisleman said...

Years ago I went looking for those shoes and had trouble finding them. You are probably right that some company bought them.

longhollow said...

I've never heard of Wait Wait, but that sounds like such a fun time! I sure wish thin mints made you thin. Sigh. I haven't bought shoe polish in years, but I do have a couple of little buffers that seem to leave a little polish on the shoes, so you have to make sure you use the right color!

lisleman said...

shoe buffers - small pieces of cloth with polish in them?

You can find "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" on the web at


Secret Agent Woman said...

I don't often have a chance to listen to Wait, Wait, but I love that show. I also really like Car Talk, and use a Car Talk mug at work.

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